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JDBC Driver for OGSA-DAI

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The JDBC Driver for OGSA-DAI is an extension to the OGSA-DAI grid middleware client toolkit. This extension is an implementation of the Sun JDBC interface version 2.0 used to access databases using Java. This work aims to provide an easy and familiar way for developers to allow new and existing applications to use databases exposed in a grid through the OGSA-DAI 3.0 middleware, as well as enabling the use of existing Java Frameworks that uses JDBC.

The driver is licensed under the Apache 2 License. The latest version is the version 0.1. You can download the 0.1 version from the Downloads section. We would be grateful if you report bugs and any feature requests to http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=210363.





To use this version: a package with the support activities should be deployed on to an OGSA-DAI instance.

Driver Version 0.1 (jar versions)
JDBC for OGSA-DAI (GT4 Version) [download]
JDBC for OGSA-DAI (Axis 1.4) [download]
JDBC Metadata - Support Activity [download]
Driver Version 0.1 (From source, requires JDK 1.4)
$svn co https://ogsadai-jdbc.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ogsadai-jdbc/0.1 ogsadai-jdbc-0.1
$cd ogsadai-jdbc-0.1
$export JAVA_HOME=/PATH/TO/JDK_1.4

the drivers will be in the 'bin' directory.


Known Bugs and Features not Implemented

for more information go to our
bug tracker at sourceforge.net. Top




To start contributing please send a mail to mathiasbrito@gmail.com with suggestions, features request, bugs report or patches. You also can join the project and contributing with your programmming skills. All contribution added to the Driver code should be released under the Apache License 2.0 and the rights credited to you.

Copyright 2008 - Laboratory of Architecture and High Performance computing - LAHPC
Polytechnic School - University of São Paulo